Arlington Collegiate High School Claims Spot on TEA’s Title Reward Schools List

Arlington Collegiate High School, a partnership between Tarrant County College Southeast Campus and Arlington ISD, has been recognized as a Title I Reward School for the 2015-2016  school year, according to the Texas Education Agency (TEA). The collegiate high school, which is located on the TCC Southeast Campus in Arlington, has been named a Title I High Performing School, one of only 160 campuses statewide to receive the designation. The campus was also named to the list of Title I High Progress schools.

“We are very proud of the outstanding performance that the students in the Collegiate High School have achieved,” said William Coppola, Ph.D., president of TCC Southeast Campus. “The collaborative work of our college professors with the high school faculty members in cross curricular initiatives have resulted in the students succeeding in not only reading and math performance but in a variety of collegiate courses as well.”

A high-performance reward school is identified as a Title I school with distinctions based on reading and math performance. In addition, at the high school level, a reward school is a Title I school with the highest graduation rates. A high progress school is identified as a Title I school in the top 25 percent in annual improvement; and/or a school in the top 25 percent of those demonstrating ability to close performance gaps based on system safeguards.

“This recognition is a reflection of the hard work of the teachers and staff at Arlington Collegiate High School. They work tirelessly to help students improve academically, socially, and in many other avenues of life,” said Ben Bholan, Ph.D., principal of Arlington Collegiate High School at TCC Southeast Campus. “A true dedication to excellence is exemplified daily by the positive relationships formed with individual students which will help them achieve their dreams of becoming college and career ready.”

The complete list of 2015-2016 high-progress and high-performing schools (school districts and campus names) may be viewed on the TEA website at,_Focus,_and_Reward_Schools/.