TCC Fall Enrollment Decreases Slightly

FORT WORTH, Texas (Sept. 23, 2016) The Tarrant County College fall student headcount is 51,343, a slight overall decrease of 0.7 percent below the fall 2015 campus enrollment of 51,727.
Enrollment on physical campuses grew as the result of a District reorganization that aligned dual credit courses to home campuses. Previously, dual credit was part of TCC Connect, the campus that administers Weekend College and online courses. Fall enrollment by campus and percentage change follow: Northeast, 13,198, up 3.9 percent; Northwest, 9,892, up by 10.2 percent; South, 8,594, up by 3.4 percent; Southeast, 12,881, up by 13.4 percent; TCC Connect 9,892, down by 29.6 percent; and Trinity River, 7,952, up by 1.2 percent.
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These figures represent enrollment on the fall census day. Enrollment figures may change because TCCD offers two eight-week terms and other terms of varying length to maximize course offerings for our students.
Also, campus totals added together equal more than the district figure because many students enroll on more than one campus.