TCC's New Autism Spectrum Disorder Program Featured on KTXA 21

KXTA Channel 21 recently ran a story about Tarrant County College’s classes for students who suffer from Autism Syndrome Disorder (ASD). Autism is a mental condition that becomes present in early childhood, it causes challenges in communicating, developing abstract thought and forming relationships with other people. But as highlighted by Channel 21, students who suffer from autism refuse to let the disease get in the way of furthering their education and future careers.

The Autism program at Tarrant County College is geared towards making sure every student who enters the program leaves with the skills that it takes it make it in the workplace, furthering their education and forming relationships that will last a lifetime. Watch the news clip to learn more not only about the core curriculum but how professors ensure that students learn valuable skills that they can use in all aspects of their daily lives.

KTXA 21 Coverage