WASPs Tour Former Director's Plane at TCC Recognition

As a prelude to the recent Memorial Day celebrations honoring our nation’s fallen, Tarrant County College seized the opportunity to recognize female World War II pilots.
Five of the six invited Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP), the first women to fly American military aircraft, were able to make the trip where they were honored as they toured the Beechcraft E18S-9700, the personal plane of Jacqueline Cochran, founder and director of the WASP program.
WASPs served with honor and distinction, completing 60 million flying hours in direct support to the United States during WWII. Among them were TCC’s honorees: Nell Bright, Class 43-7; Shutsy Reynolds, Class 44-5; Bee Haydu, Class 44-7; Kay Hilbrandt, Class 44-10; and Marty Wyall, Class 44-10. Shirley Kruse, Class 44-6, was unable to attend.
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