Adventure Awaits Readers in the New Issue of REACH Magazine

Travel and adventure are at the heart of the second issue of Tarrant County College’s REACH Magazine, now available in print and online. The issue highlights TCC’s global (and local) REACH through students, faculty and staff who share their vast experiences and expertise.
This issue’s cover story, “Your Adventure Awaits,” documents student and faculty trips to Paris, Italy and Austria. “Honoring the Fallen” highlights Laura Wood’s commitment to teaching students about the importance of military memorials. Readers also will see what international students have to say about TCC and can take advantage of an Italian-inspired recipe that is positively delizioso!
The cover, designed by Managing Editor & Designer Sara Rogers, features a vintage map and some of our staff’s favorite travel accessories. Numerous sketches were made for “Your Adventure Awaits,” then turned into a custom vector for the font. “The team strives for custom artwork and photography whenever possible, adding a special touch and commitment to each issue of REACH,” said Rogers.
According to Suzanne Cottraux, Executive Director of Communications, Public Relations and Marketing and Editor-in-Chief of REACH Magazine, the second issue aims to surprise. “In planning the editorial slate for this issue, we wanted to share facets of TCC that many people in our community may be unfamiliar with, such as our international study programs and the speed with which we are growing our science and technology programs.” Cottraux said the team also makes it a priority to share student success stories. “There’s no better testament to the breadth and depth of our academic and support programs than real stories of individuals who, by all accounts, should not have succeeded…but they did,” she said.
The next issue of REACH will be published in late July. Submit any story ideas to