TCC Employee Wins Half Marathon and 10K for Women at Cowtown Marathon

With her win this year in the Cowtown Marathon women’s category for the Half Marathon and 10K, Elizabeth Eder is closer to her goal to win in all five races in the annual event. Setting a new record, she crossed the finish line at 1:18:05 in the Half Marathon and won with a :36:32 in the 10K.
Winning isn’t new to Eder. She set a new record for the Cowtown Marathon last year, shortly after joining Tarrant County College’s Institutional Research department. She plans to compete in the Ultra Marathon and the 5K next year.
“I get nervous before a race,” said Eder. “I had a coach that told me, ‘If you’re not nervous, you may not be taking it seriously.’” She does take it seriously, running every day, averaging 60-75 miles per week. When training for marathons, that can increase up to 90 miles or more per week. “It’s best to have a rhythm,” she said.
One of the advantages of working at the Trinity River Campus is the close proximity to the trails. Eder runs during lunch one to two times a week. She also runs either before or after work and with social groups dedicated to running. “Friendships make a big difference,” Eder said. “Accountability partners and camaraderie are important to success.”
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