TCC Spring Enrollment Remains Constant

FORT WORTH, Texas (Feb. 5, 2014) Tarrant County College spring student headcount of 46,917 remains steady in comparison to spring 2013, slightly up overall by .4 percent over last year’s enrollment of 46,750 on its five campuses.


Trinity River Campus in downtown Fort Worth continues to show the largest increase since opening its doors in fall 2009. Trinity River enrolled 8,798 students, a 7.6 percent increase over its 2013 enrollment of 8,176.


Southeast Campus enrollment also grew to 14,665, up 3.6 percent. Spring enrollment for other TCC campuses decreased slightly: South Campus, 11,603, down .6 percent; Northwest, 12,999, down 1.8 percent; and Northeast Campus, 14,651, down 2.5 percent.


Registration for the second eight-week term is under way through March 10. For class schedule information, visit



These figures do not represent enrollment of all spring semester offerings, which include two eight-week terms and other terms of varying length that accommodate the needs of today’s students for maximum scheduling flexibility.


Also, campus totals added together equal more than the district figure because many students enroll on more than one campus.