Club:50+ Reaches out to Peers

Old School 60's and 70's 098Members of the newly organized Club:50+ on Northeast Campus recently reached out to their peers ages 50+ within the TCC student body and in the broader community by hosting a “Come As You Were Mixer,” an old school 60s and 70s party. 
Club:50+ membership consists of Tarrant County College students who are 50 years old and older. It developed out of TCC’s partnership with the American Association of Community College’s Plus 50 Encore Completion Program. 
The program encourages community colleges to create or expand college programs to engage 50+ age students and assist them with completing degrees or certificates in high-demand occupations. 
The mixer gave the group a chance to get better acquainted so they can expand their outreach efforts and contribute more fully to TCC recruitment and student success strategies for the mature learner community. Plans are underway to organize chapters on South and Southeast campuses. 
“Plus 50 student success and completion will be championed through the advocacy and mobilization of the Plus 50 students at TCC. Their mission is clear and their voice is unified,” said Debra Sykes West, Plus 50 community outreach coordinator. “Club:50+ declares that ’TCC is me, too!’ They want other Plus 50 adults to become aware of the opportunities to learn, achieve and thrive at TCC.” 
Officers are SaVannah and Warren Talbert, co-presidents; Michael Manien, secretary; Maggie Goode, treasurer; and Laurie Roe and Steve Plummer, membership. Sykes West is joined as a sponsor by Cynthia Savage, mental health program coordinator. 
Co-president Warren Talbert said  the program and club provide “TCC meaningful opportunities to draw the community into the college campuses and to take the college deeper into the community.” 
His wife, co-president SaVannah Talbert, added: “I want people in the community who are age 50+ to get excited about their future through the opportunities TCC affords.” 
For information about Club:50+ contact SaVannah or Warren Talbert at or 

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