Board Approves Achieving the Dream Initiatives

FORT WORTH, Texas (Jan. 20, 2012)

The Tarrant County College Board of Trustees has unanimously approved a resolution honoring and supporting the initiatives of the College’s Achieving the Dream team.  Achieving the Dream is a nationwide initiative designed to increase student access and success.

Through Achieving the Dream, TCC focuses on identifying barriers to student success through data and increased engagement; setting priorities to close student achievement gaps, and developing processes for continuous improvement and use of best practices.

The seven-member board approved the resolution during its Jan. 19, 2012, meeting.

The resolution “Acknowledges with appreciation and admiration the efforts of the faculty, staff and students in pursuing the Achieving the Dream initiatives.”  The board, through the resolution, also said it “encourages and supports the next phase of these initiatives, and welcomes the increased involvement of the TCCD learning community.”

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