Don't Be the Last to Know!

“Should I stay, or should I go? Ugh. If it weren’t for today’s test, I would probably stay home. But that big test!”

Wrapped in warm blankets, she sat on her couch worrying about the test while watching the morning news, her eyes glued to the scrolling list of closings.

“How can it still be in the B’s? Come on T’s…I need to know about Tarrant County College!”

She was anxious to see if campus was closed. After all, her car was covered in ice, as was the street in front of her apartment, and all the traffic accidents on the news confirmed she would have to leave plenty of extra time to get to class.

“Should I stay, or should I go? Ugh! Why on a test day?”

Finally, it seemed all the closings had been listed, but TCC wasn’t mentioned. She sighed. She knew she needed to go to class to take the test if TCC was going to be open.

“I don’t want to deal with the absence, a zero on the test and my professor later on. But I’m so nervous about driving.”

She bundled up, scraped the ice off her car and carefully made her way to campus.

“Why are the parking lots empty? Why are the windows dark? Arg! After all that, TCC is closed! How can that be? It wasn’t listed on the news!?”

Don’t let this be you! Be sure to check the official TCC sources of campus closures before you head out in inclement weather this winter.

Social Media

Often the fastest way to get information on official campus closings or delays; Only the posts made by Tarrant County College to the official Facebook and Twitter accounts will serve as official news of campus closings or delays.


TCC Website, TCC Facebook page and TCC alert text shown on mobile devicesThe top of the home page at will display an urgent notice with important information on a red background at the top right of the page with a link to more information. Public Relations and Marketing staff update this notice as new information becomes available.


Recorded message at 817-515-8223 will have current information regarding closings or delays. This is coordinated by both PR & Marketing and the Information Center staff.


Visitors to the CampusCruiser website will be referred to online weather announcements when necessary.

TCC faculty, staff and students can subscribe to CruiserAlert, the College’s urgent text and email notification system. This Web-based service sends high-priority text messages directly to mobile devices during urgent situations. 

Television/Radio Stations

Television and radio stations may not have the most current info for our campuses; therefore, we encourage everyone to check the official social media accounts, the website and/or 817-515-8223 for official notices of closings or cancellations.