TCC Fire Instructor Honored for Rescue

Tommy Abercrombie, special projects coordinator for the Fire Service Training Center (FSTC), was honored last week for saving a woman from drowning in a pond.  His heroic efforts also spared the life of a Fort Worth police officer.

A lieutenant for the Fort Worth Fire Department, Tommy was recently recognized as the Fort Worth South Rotary Club Firefighter of the Year.

“Over the years, Tommy has poured his heart and soul into the Fire Service Training Center. This recognition is a shining moment for all us here at the center,” said Steve Keller, FSTC Coordinator on Northwest Campus.  “It takes a tremendous amount of courage to go into a murky lake to save others from drowning.  Since Tommy was the driving force behind the building of our Swiftwater Rescue simulator, it was really neat for him to make a water rescue.”