New Buzz Takes Off

Did you hear? Do you know how to? Where is that going to be? They did what?

If you have been having a hard time keeping up with the latest initiatives and happenings on TCC’s five campuses and its other locations throughout Tarrant County,  the new and improved, easier to locate, TCC Buzz is a must read.

TCC buzz logo
The TCC Buzz graphic, created by Brandon Tucker, graphic artist at Trinity River Campus, helps set the tone of the new, sleeker Buzz look.

It has been one year and seven months since TCC Buzz, our official District blog, was launched, replacing our online employee newsletter as a way to communicate what’s happening with your colleagues.

Many of the posts were the result of your notification through the News Alert Form.

So I encourage you to keep them coming. But don’t stop there. When a post written about another department or campus gives you an idea that you’re able to implement, let them know right away via our convenient comment area.

Tell us what you want to know about, how you feel about it and what you’re going to do about it (in our convenient comment area).

Buzzing off, but just for now.  See you soon.