Cumbie Elected Chairman of The T

Foundation Donor Relations Officer Gary Cumbie recently was elected chairman of the Fort Worth Transportation Authority (The T). Cumbie has been a board member for three years. Prior to joining TCC, he worked more than 30 years in the energy industry and in university development.

One of his goals working with The T is to enhance the bus experience.  “(I want) to make a bus ride as attractive as a riding a train,” he said.  “We are taking a step in that direction with some new articulated buses which we will run on high volume express routes.” Articulated buses have two passenger compartments combined into a single bus.

Cumbie also said The T is developing a commuter train to serve Tarrant County from southwest to northeast, arriving at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. “Look for a contest soon to give a name to that train route.”

Congratulations and all the best as you give leadership to this vital board!