TCC Embraces Martin Luther King Observances

Beginning this weekend, TCC joins several community celebrations of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. Additionally, District offices and campuses will be closed Monday, Jan. 17.

Saturday, Jan. 15
Events get under way on Southeast Campus where for the first time the program directs participants through different parts of the campus to experience continents that King visited during his lifetime.

The program starts at 3:30 p.m. in the North Ballroom, Room ESEC 1102. It is held in conjunction with Arlington’s citywide “Sharing the Dream” Celebration 2011. During the opening session, participants will receive a passport to guide them through their tour of the continents.

In the North Ballroom, South America will be represented by concert pianist Harold Martina and videos of South America. The North America and Antarctica continents will be featured in the CA Robertson Theatre, Room ESEC 1401, and include presentations by Ashworth Elementary School, Cornerstone Baptist Church, TCC SE students and a Mexican Ensemble.

Asia will be represented by a Chinese meditation demonstration, Asian music/Karaoke, a fashion show and a Dragon Dance in Room ESEE 1302. The continents of Europe and Australia will be portrayed by a video and the history of bagpipes in the Red Room, Room ESEE 1306. Africa will be portrayed in the gym, ESEB 1210, through several performances by Day Blues, Step-by-Step Dancers, 619 Productions and the Ghana Band.

Monday, Jan. 17
Trinity River Campus is involved in two MLK Day observances on Monday, Jan. 17, beginning at 11 a.m. with annual city of Fort Worth parade. The African American Student Organization created a float representing 1965 events on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Ala.  It includes an arch of the bridge on each side of the float. On one side includes silhouettes of troopers and the other of float participants holding signs replicated those held by people who marched on what has become known as “Bloody Sunday.”

At 6 p.m., Trinity River hosts the MLK Commemoration Banquet. Campus President Tahita Fulkerson will welcome guests to the program where guest speaker Steven Loewenstein will present a dramatic MLK interpretation. Banquet tickets are $10 and will benefit the GenTX ROOTS Go Center Network.

Share how you will celebrate Martin Luther King Day in 2011, your thoughts about King and/or his dream in the comment section below.

Updated Friday, January 14, 2011