NE Counseling Makes International Presentations

Several TCC Northeast Counseling staff members were presenters at the 34th Annual Conference on Academic Advising in Orlando, Fla., earlier this fall. The international conference was sponsored by the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA).

Academic Advisor Kimberly Eason and Special Projects Coordinator Jose Herrera teamed up to present “I’m Not Dumb, I Just Learn Differently,” a session about an alternative strategy to traditional advising based on the seven intelligences. Participants were given new strategies to provide students with the tools to better help themselves learn. Eason and Herrera have been asked to write an article for Academic Advising Today and return next year to lead a workshop based on their advising method inspired by Multiple Intelligences.

Counseling Director Eddie Sandoval, an Apache Native American, and Marjeanna Burge, a Comanche Native American, teamed up to share statistics showing that Native American students are the lowest among all racial/ethnic groups to complete higher education. Their poster presentation exhibited historical facts concerning the Native American culture, strategies advisors can use to support Native American students and a brochure providing role models, scholarships/fellowships and programs that support Native American students.

Sandoval and Burge also support a district-wide student club, Circle of Nations @ TCC Student Club. The club sponsored a panel discussion in celebration of Native American Heritage Month in November during lunch today. More information about the club is available on Campus Cruiser.

NE’s Counseling Department extends special thanks to students Eddie Woodward, Komla Senagbe, and Rafael Gonzalez for participating in the video of mock advising scenarios that was played during the conference.