Gubernatorial Forum Draws Crowd

Limited gubernatorial terms and the importance of the education and training provided by community colleges were among topics Wednesday at the Gubernatorial Forum held to meet student service and civic engagement requirements for government classes.

Former Houston Mayor Bill White said the Texas governor should not be allowed to serve any more terms than the President of the United States. He also expressed support for the opportunities that Tarrant County College provides residents to prepare themselves for better jobs.

White made his comments on South Campus during a forum organized by U.S. and Texas government students and Student Development Services. More than 200 students, faculty, staff and community members attended the forum moderated by Bob Ray Sanders of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Fort Worth City Councilwoman Kathleen Hicks, a community partner, Campus President Ernest Thomas and former government student LaDoris Pope also spoke.

Government Instructor Marshall Hobbs Jr. said he requires his students to participate in the process they study to enhance their learning. Students also are required to register at least two people to vote. If they are eligible to vote and are unregistered, they must also register themselves. Students are planning a second forum in October.