Welcome Back!

Introductions, videos about current topics including homelessness and updates on various departments including diversity and public relations and marketing are among the activities that TCC faculty are involved in this week as they return to campus for the fall 2010 semester.

Northeast Campus faculty started their week viewing “Certainties in an Uncertain World” and continued with a panel discussion about Best Teaching Practices. The “State of Northwest Campus” and a Street Smarts workshop were among Northwest Campus activities.

On South Campus, faculty learned about Improving Student Persistence and Success and technology resources.  Project First and Student Transition to College Success were among the initiatives discussed at Southeast Campus. Trinity River Campus faculty activities included Focus on Multicultural Competence and DSS Guidelines.

Northwest and Southeast faculty learned about District diversity initiatives from Associate Vice Chancellor for Institutional Diversity Nydia Gonzalez in her presentation, “TCCD Diversity 2015.”  Updates on how to best to spread the news about campus events and accomplishments were given by Public Relations and Marketing’s Cacy Barnard, Rita Parson and Susan Ragland at Northwest, Southeast and Trinity campuses.

Faculty on all campuses are making  class preparations and attending department and divisional meetings.