Element K Deadline Approaches

With each passing day, the time to complete TCC’s required online learning for employees through Element K gets closer. All non-supervisory full-time and part-time employees, including faculty and  adjuncts, are required to complete FERPA for TCC Employees, Slips, Trips, and Falls (3rd Edition), Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace (3rd Edition) and Anti-Harassment Training for Employees.

Additionally, supervisors are required to take Anti-Harassment Training for Supervisors, instead of the version for employees, and Conducting Performance Reviews (2nd Edition). Supervisors are defined as anyone who performs employee evaluations for other staff.

On-call employees, including Continuing Education instructors, are not required to complete Element K training for the academic year ending August 31.

Element K courses may be accessed via http://www.knowledge.elementk.com.

Be aware that classes are a little longer this year, so more time needs to be allocated for completion. Most courses, with the exception of the FERPA course, require the completion of  both the course and the assessment this year.

Commonly Asked Questions provides answers to most questions about Element K Training.
If you have additional questions after reviewing Commonly Asked Questions or have questions about accessing your Element K account, please contact Michelle Griffith at michelle.griffith or ext. 5208.