Virtual Pat on the Back

Facebook. Updating one’s whereabouts, personal information and current thoughts on everything from what was eaten for dinner to musings about politics has become the norm not only on Facebook but other social sites as well. Facebook generally allows us to focus on ourselves–sharing our lives, opinions and milestones–while others look into our world through the virtual windows we’ve created with social media sites.

Tarrant County College’s official Facebook page has become a virtual gathering place for students, faculty, staff and the community to swap or sell textbooks, to ask each other for advice on courses or instructors, or even a place to vent negative feelings. We’re finding that students are also using this medium to show their appreciation for TCC.

“My days at TCC North West (sic) Campus are the best days of my life…thank you to the Business Department ‘instructors’ at North West Campus.” writes Rabiatou Sesay on our Facebook page wall. She concludes, “…you will always be in my heart.”

We’re reminded that it’s not “all about me.” These unsolicited compliments can make us all smile. They help remind us why we’re proud to be a part of the TCC community. Serving students is paramount in fulfilling the TCC mission. It’s nice to see that students are feeling the love.

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