SE Lends Hand to Science Fair

Southeast Campus professors on May 14 served for the second year as judges for the annual fifth grade science fair at Arlington ISD’s Starrett Elementary School.

Participating were Laurie Ertle, biology; John Coniglio and Mary Teasdale, chemistry; and Yvette Counts and Neal Counts, geology. This is the second year that Ertle and Yvette Counts served as judges. Other 2009 judges were Luther Turner, chemistry; and Tina Halupnik, biology.

“The students were floored when they saw that actual professors were judging their experiments,” said science teacher Culley Franks in his expression of thanks to Kay Whitsell, physical science senior secretary, who coordinated the effort. The annual Family Science Night spotlights young students’ science skills and focuses on demonstrations showing how science is used every day.