Today's the Day

More than 1,500 students will walk across the Fort Worth Convention Center stage tonight as part of TCC’s 42nd Annual Spring Commencement, marking a major milestone in each of their lives and in the life of Tarrant County College.

These participating graduates are among the nearly 4,000 students completing degrees or certificates of completion during the 2009 summer, 2009 fall and 2010 spring semesters, and each has a reason to be proud.

Though it would be an honor to know each graduate individually, we were fortunate this year to get to know several who shared their stories through the 2009-2010 Graduate Story Contest. From the first-generation student to the survivor of a near-death accident and the mother of a newborn, the stories of remarkable courage and persistence far surpassed our expectations.

If you’d like to read for yourself, watch for the story of first place winner Tommy Walker to be featured on our homepage Highlights this week, and for others, including 2nd place Lakisha Morgan and 3rd place Onika Taylor, to be added in the near future.

To top off this year’s ceremony State Senator and former Fort Worth City Council member Wendy Davis, who was once a TCC student herself, will give the commencement address and will be inducted as the first member of TCC’s newly formed Alumni Association.

So whether you know a graduate or just want to join us for a momentous occasion, there’s a lot to celebrate. And to all of the graduates, CONGRATS! You did it!