How-to Tuesday: Get the Magazine

Have you read the Q & A with Erma Johnson Hadley? Did you know she was first hired in 1968 as a charter faculty member here at TCC and has worked her way to the top? Hear about the astonishing enrollment numbers TCC achieved this spring? 44,355 students this spring. Yes, over 44 thousand! Do you know about the myriad of transitional programs available at TCC to help the many types of future students get started at TCC?

If not, then I must ask, “Are you not reading or receiving Projection magazine?”

TCC’s official magazine, Projection, is produced and distributed three times a year. Each issue is chock-full of stories about programs, faculty, staff, administrators, students, alumni and community members that help make TCC the choice for students across Tarrant County to continue their education beyond high school. After delving into the pages, you will also see why business leaders look to TCC to provide professional development and why so many of us are proud to say we work for TCC. You will also read why we’re proud of our employees: faculty, staff and administrators alike.

If you do not currently receive the printed issues of Projection, you can subscribe online. Feel free to also view a PDF version of the latest issue online.