Police Launch Non-Smoking Education Campaign

TCC police are handing out a simple push card that holds volumes of information – and plenty to think about.

The cards clear the smoke about TCC’s non-smoking policy. The policy is printed on two-sided cards. Officers are distributing them throughout TCC’s learning community as part of an awareness campaign to help make sure that everyone knows the policy and the consequences that can follow if it’s ignored.

Here’s the policy as printed on the card: “The use of tobacco products shall be prohibited on College District grounds and in College District buildings, facilities, and vehicles. This prohibition shall also apply to spaces leased by the College District. The use of tobacco products shall be permitted in private vehicles parked on College District property provided any residue is retained within the vehicle. Violation of the College District’s policy on tobacco use may result in disciplinary action.”

You may preview the front of the card and the back of the card. (PDFs will open in a new window.)

The policy, adopted by the TCC Board of Trustees, became effective May 27, 2009, the first class day for the 2009 summer term. Signs stating the policy have been posted in strategic locations on TCC’s five campuses and various District properties throughout Tarrant County.

The fee for the first offense is $5. It may be increased to $10 for each additional offense during the September through August school year.

Officers may also issue municipal citations to violators in certain campus jurisdictions. TCC fines are payable at the Business Service Office. Municipal fines must be paid at Municipal Court of the appropriate city.