Erma Johnson Hadley to Lead New Era at TCC

The TCC Board of Trustees officially named Erma Johnson Hadley as the new chancellor for the College District Thursday, March 11, amid a room full of faculty, staff, administrators and community members.

The announcement prompted a standing ovation from audience members, including fellow higher education professionals who traveled from Austin to show their support, her daughter who traveled from Atlanta, and local community leaders.

Hadley addressed the crowd, expressing her gratitude for those like her mother who helped her become who she is today and accomplish things she never thought possible as a “little girl from Leggett, Texas.” She shared her excitement for the future opportunities and challenges as chancellor, emphasizing that she knows there is a big job ahead. Additionally, she recognized members of the Chancellor’s Executive Leadership Team, noting that her success “would not be possible without their support.”

For more background on Hadley and her career at TCC, view the official news release. To see photos of the March 11 announcement, visit the photo gallery in “TCC Buzz.”