A quick guide for an important journey

Cherry, Florence and Henderson. See a connection?

Florence and Henderson may bring to mind the actress perhaps best known for playing the role of Carol Brady in the television program, The Brady Bunch, which ran from 1969 to 1974.
But what about Cherry? And what do Cherry, Florence and Henderson have in common? They are the three entrances that lead into the parking garage at Trinity River Campus. For those who may not know which entrance is best to use, here’s a quick quide.
Now that TR is bustling with students (final headcount is 3,717), it’s best to leave the Cherry Street entrance to them and campus visitors.
Faculty and staff members should continue west on Belknap Street to the Florence Street entrance.  TCC employees can also continue even further west to the corner and turn right on Henderson to enter the garage there.
Once inside the garage, parking is assigned by floor. Faculty and staff can park on the first and second floors, with the most available spots being available on the second floor. Parking on the third and fourth floors is reserved for TCC students. Other floors are set aside for RadioShack employees.
If for some reason you need access to the garage at a time other than usual business hours, then it would be appropriate to enter via the Cherry Street entrance that is equipped with a call box. TCC police are available to respond and permit access as appropriate.