Text Messages Relay Urgent Alerts

Nearly all of us have woken up on those icy winter mornings (yes, even in Texas) only to wonder whether or not campuses and offices will be open for the day. Or even worse, many have even left home, fought the traffic and arrived at work or class just in time to find out that campuses are closed and have to head right back home.

With the launch of CruiserAlert last fall, thousands of faculty, staff and students were saved such hassle and time. The new text service sends high-priority messages directly to mobile devices and is likely the most convenient, immediate and reliable way to receive TCC notifications in the event of campus closings or any other urgent situation.

Those who have already subscribed to the text service know how handy it can be, and those who haven’t simply need to follow the complete instructions to opt into the service online through CampusCruiser.