Annual Breakfast Kicks Off Fall Semester

Those who missed the annual Chancellor’s Employee Appreciation Breakfast and have heard it was a “real Mickey Mouse deal,” shouldn’t assume it wasn’t up to the usual high standards of the Human Resources staff who stage it. Blame the Trinity River Campus staff, hosts of the event, who took the Fort Worth Convention Center ballroom stage to the cadence of “The Mickey Mouse Club March,” wearing the famous black rodent ears. Choreographed by Northeast dance professor Linda Quinn, they parodied the famous song, by sing-spelling “Trinity River” rather than “Mickey Mouse.” The Faculty Jazz Quintet played, and South administrative accounting clerk Cornis Cannon growled out her rendition of Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” that brought even the regal new interim Chancellor Erma Johnson Hadley to her feet, dancing.

TCC’s highest faculty recognition, the Chancellor’s Award for Exemplary Teaching, went to Raymond D. Benge, associate professor of physics and astronomy, Northeast; Christine Hubbard, associate English professor, Northwest; Triesha Light, associate psychology professor, South; and Ernest Gines, assistant computer professor, Southeast.

The chancellor announced she will work toward establishing a Weekend College to make college a reality for more students and reiterated her commitment to “serve the underserved” in the county.