Welcome to Blogville

You don’t have to drag the TCC Public Relations and Marketing staff into the 21st century when it comes to social media. We know TCC faculty and staff have to keep up with our students (who may be in the 22nd century by the end of the day). So this seemed a good time to switch from the online employee newsletter format of TCC this Week to a blog. But we know you love TCC This Week and promise that we will continue to communicate the good news about your colleagues and campus events.

The big difference will be that you get that news more often because, as is the nature of blogs, it will be updated at least three times a week. And we hope you will join our adventure into Blogville and send us your news and comments.  But don’t let that “three times a week” promise lull you into thinking you can wait until the last minute to send your information (and you know who you are—and so do we).

So enjoy this first “Buzz” and watch for more from blog editor Rita Parson and staffers Cacy Barnard, Susan Ragland, David House, Ann Schrader and even photographer Dee Parrish to keep you posted on everything from who’s new at TCC to tips for taking good photos.

Donna Darovich
Interim Executive Assistant to the Chancellor